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Products Dedicated for Tissue Samples

The Problem

Simultaneous preservation of biomolecules, such as nucleic acids and proteins, and morphology features of a tissue sample is challenging. Snap-freezing in liquid nitrogen (N2) is the preferred method for biomolecule preservation, but the procedure damages tissue morphology. Furthermore, sectioning unfixed, frozen samples is technically demanding and requires specialized equipment. Formalin has been used for decades to preserve tissue mophology, but formalin crosslinks proteins and nucleic acids, making extraction of high-quality biomarkers from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue difficult or impossible.

The Solution

The PAXgene Tissue System is a formalin-free solutions for the simultaneous preservation of morphology and biomolecules and the purification of high-quality RNA, DNA, microRNA (miRNA), proteins and phosphoproteins from the same sample. Tissue specimens are collected, fixed and stabilized with the PAXgene Tissue System. PAXgene Tissue-fixed tissue can be processed and embedded in paraffin similarly to formalin-fixed tissue, and biomolecules are extracted using the companion kits: the PAXgene Tissue DNA Kit for the purification of DNA or the PAXgene Tissue RNA/miRNA Kit for purification of total RNA, including miRNA. Additionally, supplementary protocols are available for purification of full-length proteins from PAXgene Tissue-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue with the Qproteome FFPE Tissue Kit.

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Systems Dedicated for Tissue Samples

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