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DNA stabilization after blood collection

The PAXgene Blood DNA products are part of streamlined systems for the collection of whole blood that stabilize DNA and enable the subsequent purification of DNA for sensitive downstream applications.

The Research Use Only PAXgene Blood DNA System consists of a PAXgene Blood DNA Tube (RUO) for standardized collection, transport and storage of whole blood, and the dedicated PAXgene Blood DNA Kit (RUO) for straightforward isolation of DNA.

The PAXgene Blood DNA Tube (IVD) is designed to be used with existing QIAGEN sample preparation kits and instruments for in vitro diagnostic use.

Eliminate downstream impact of collection tube

Inconsistent blood draw volumes and different anticoagulants (EDTA, citrate, or heparin) can introduce variability into the quality and integrity of DNA isolated from blood specimens. PAXgene Blood DNA Tubes are calibrated to draw the indicated blood volume and contain reagents that stabilize DNA without impacting downstream assays.

Reduce variability from different shipping and storage conditions

The stabilizing agents in PAXgene Blood DNA Tubes protect DNA in collected specimens at room temperature, refirgerated and when frozen. Thus, temperature fluctuations during transportation and storage do not impact the quality of the DNA subsequently purified.

Use the same tube for collection and purification

PAXgene Blood DNA Tubes (RUO) with collected whole blood can be used directly for the isolation of genomic DNA with the dedicated PAXgene Blood DNA Kit (RUO), reducing handling to a single tube per sample. The PAXgene Blood DNA Tube (IVD) can be used with the QIAGEN QIAcube and QIAsymphony instruments for automated processing of clinical samples.

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