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Isolating RNA and miRNA from tissue samples

The PAXgene Tissue System consist of the PAXgene Tissue Fixation and Stabilization products for collection, transport and storage of human tissue specimens and dedicated purification kits to isolate nucleic acids.

The PAXgene Tissue RNA/miRNA Kit isolates total RNA, including miRNA, from tissues fixed in PAXgene Tissue FIX Containers. The RNA and miRNA can be isolated from either PAXgene Tissue-fixed (PF) or PAXgene Tissue-fixed, paraffin-embedded (PFPE) tissue.

Streamlined protocol for high yields of long RNA molecules

Together, the PAXgene Tissue FIX Container, PAXgene Tissue STABILIZER and PAXgene TIssue RNA/miRNA Kit provide a complete prenalytical solution for efficient purification of high-quality RNA and miRNA from PF or PFPE tissues for molecular analysis. These optimized solutions create appropriate conditions for RNA to bind to the silica membrane, allowing contaminants to be washed away. Treatment with DNase I removes any trace amounts of bound DNA, resulting in eluates of highly pure RNA.

Purification of low molecular weight RNAs

The optimized chemistry of the PAXgene Tissue RNA/miRNA Kit was developed with optimized binding and washing conditions to ensure isolation of total RNA, including low molecular weight RNAs, such as 5.8S rRNA, 5S rRNA, tRNAs and miRNAs.

High-quality RNAs for a range of downstream applications

Whether high or low molecular weight RNAs, the eluates resulting from the PAXgene Tissue RNA/miRNA Kit are of high quality and purity enabling their use in downstream applications including RT-PCR, quantitative, real-time RT-PCR, expression arrays and expression chip analysis, cDNA synthesis, RNA sequencing, RNase and S1 nuclease protection, Northern blotting, dot and slot blot analysis and primer extension.

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