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Congratulations to the SPIDIA4P consortium for receiving the Standard + Innovation Project Award 2021 by the European Standardization Organizations CEN & CENELEC

SPIDIA4P, a European grant project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, coordinated by QIAGEN and with PreAnalytiX as project partner, has won this year´s renowned Standard + Innovation Project Award from the European Committee for Standardization CEN and CENELEC for its important contribution of research and innovation to standardization.

During the virtual award ceremony on October 6, 2021, Dr. Uwe Oelmüller, Co-Chair of PreAnalytiX and coordinator of this project, shared his thoughts on the importance of standards: “Patient specimen can significantly alter after collection from the body, e.g. during transport, storage and processing. This is a major error source for wrong diagnostic test results. Standards ensuring good quality patient specimen are therefore key enablers for improving diagnostics, biobanking and biomedical research”.

The SPIDIA4P consortium, that consists of 19 highly experienced partners, approaches the decisive pre-analytical phase by generating and implementing a comprehensive portfolio of 22 pan-European pre-analytical CEN/ Technical Specifications and ISO/ International Standards and the respective External Quality Assurance Schemes (EQA), addressing important pre-analytical workflows applied to personalized medicine – ultimately improving global healthcare and medicine. 

Although the official funding period has ended end of June 2021, the project´s mission will live on in several ongoing and future collaborations and grant projects.

Watch the recording of the Award ceremony:

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