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Image of BD Vacutainer One-Use Holder (364815)

BD Vacutainer One-Use Holder

  • Compatible with the complete BD Vacutainer System of Blood Collection products
  • Assists customers in complying with OSHA regulations

Intended Use

BD Vacutainer Tubes, Needles and Holders are used together as a system for the collection of venous blood.

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BD Vacutainer One-Use Holder



The BD Vacutainer One Use Holder is a quality, low-cost single-use holder that helps customers comply with the OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletin (SHIB) on the Disposal of Contaminated Needles and Blood Tube Holders Used for Phlebotomy.

This holder is compatible with BD Vacutainer Eclipse Blood Collection Needles, BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Sets, and the BD Vacutainer Multiple Sample Luer Adapters.



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