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Dr. Karina Standahl Olsen from NOWAC holding PAXgene Blood RNA tubes

Biobank with PAXgene® Blood RNA Tubes

Dr. Karina Standahl Olsen, pictured above (Photo by: Marius Fiskum), shares her experience in biobanking the PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes as part of NOWAC, the Norwegian Women and Cancer study.

"Starting in 2003, we collected approximately 50,000 blood specimens in PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes from NOWAC participants born in 1943–1957. PAXgene Blood RNA specimens were kept at −70°C until recent quality check analyses done in collaboration with PreAnalytiX. Previous analyses focused on gene expression association of lifestyle and diet in healthy women, and on both pre- and post-diagnostic associations of gene expression and cancer. Now, 17* years after sample collection, and together with scientists from PreAnalytiX, we have established the continued quality and eligibility of our specimens."

Karina Standahl Olsen, PhD, Associate Professor, Core Facility for Biobanking, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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To view Dr. Karina Standahl Olsen’s abstract/poster at the Europe Biobank Week.

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Enhancing the Preanalytical Blood RNA Workflow for Molecular Diagnostic Testing.

Read our technical note:

In situ stability of RNA in blood specimens stored for 11 years (132 months) at –20°C and –70°C* in PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes.

Image of PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes Technical Note

*The PAXgene Blood RNA Tube has been validated for storage for 11 years at –20°C and –70°C.Long-term study of blood storage in PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes is ongoing.

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