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The better the source, the more to eXplore.

We at PreAnalytiX aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of disease by helping clinicians and researchers to obtain biospecimens of the highest quality for optimal analysis and research of clinically relevant biomarkers.

PreAnalytiX provides value to our customers by:

  • Commercializing technologies that stabilize and preserve biomolecules and their profiles in blood, tissue, and bone marrow specimens during collection, transport, storage, and processing.
  • Reducing or eliminating preanalytical errors that lead to inaccurate results.
  • Providing integrated and standardized workflows for the collection and processing of blood, tissue, and bone marrow specimens to increase analytical accuracy and laboratory efficiency.
  • Developing automated and manual sample preparation for low- to high-throughput laboratories.
  • Supporting customers with quality technical expertise in all areas of pre-analytical specimen handling to yield in vitro testing results that most closely reflect in vivo biomolecular profiles.

Optimized Tools and Chemistries to Preserve Information

The Problem

Cellular and chemical processes that occur during preanalytical specimen handling can alter the quantity and quality of biomolecules and confound analytical results. Post-collection gene induction, down-regulation, and analyte degradation or modification can result in changes to bioanalyte profiles which no longer represent those found in vivo, making research and diagnostic analyses unreliable or even impossible. Furthermore, non-standardized methods for collecting, transporting, storing, and processing specimens causes irreproducibility of clinical and research results within and between laboratories.

The Solution

PAXgene systems consist of specimen collection, transport, and storage devices with integrated stabilization chemistries and optimized, efficient isolation kits and protocols for nucleic acids and other biomolecules. These systems are designed to minimize or eliminate changes to biomolecules and their profiles that occur during specimen collection, transport, storage, and processing, thus maximizing the biological information contained in blood, tissue, and bone marrow specimens.

PAXgene specimen stabilization chemistries are specifically designed to stop cellular processes that alter bioanalyte levels and quality. These processes include gene induction or down-regulation, RNA and DNA degradation, and protein modifications, such as phosphorylation. Furthermore, unlike formalin, PAXgene preservatives are non-crosslinking and, combined with efficient and effective processing kits and protocols, ensure that analytical results are a true representation of physiological status.

Our stabilization chemistries and high product quality ensure that you will get the same results on precious specimens, whether you perform testing today or in several years.

Streamlined Preanalytical Workflows for Laboratory Efficiency

PreAnalytiX combines the expertise from two leaders in specimen collection and processing, BD and QIAGEN, to develop and commercialize integrated and standardized systems and automation protocols that allow for seamless, worry-free preanalytical processing of precious biological specimens. By optimizing and integrating each step, PreAnalytiX creates a streamlined workflow from specimen collection to biomolecule purification.

Your Peace of Mind

Our customers' peace of mind is our most important concern. PreAnalytiX products are backed by decades of expertise in preanalytical workflow management and technologies, knowledgeable scientists, and high production and quality standards. With PAXgene systems, you can be assured that specimens will be of the highest quality for molecular analysis.

The better the source, the more to eXplore.

Our mission is to enable and improve the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease by providing clinicians and researchers with preanalytical systems that yield superior quality samples for molecular diagnostic testing. PAXgene products integrate and standardize the collection, transport, storage, stabilization and purification of nucleic acids from human specimens to optimize the analysis of clinically relevant biomarkers.


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