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PAXgene Blood Systems

The Problem

The composition, amount, quality, and integrity of nucleic acids in whole blood specimens can change dramatically upon collection. For example, enzymatic activity causes degradation of nucleic acids, necrosis and apoptosis lead to the release of genomic DNA from blood cells, and ex vivo gene induction and down-regulation can skew transcript profiles.


The Solution

Bearing in mind the different analytical uses for DNA, RNA, and miRNA, and the specific alterations these molecules exhibit in collected blood specimens, PreAnalytiX has designed four systems -- the PAXgene Blood DNA System, the PAXgene Blood ccfDNA System, the PAXgene Blood RNA System, and the PAXgene Blood miRNA System. In each system workflow, a dedicated device for the collection, transport, and storage of whole blood is coupled with an optimized nucleic acid preparation kit for the efficient purification of DNA, circulating, cell-free DNA (ccfDNA), RNA, and low molecular weight RNAs.


Features and Benefits

Easy and reproducible specimen collection. The PAXgene Blood DNA, ccfDNA and RNA Tubes use BD Vacutainer technology to consistently collect high-quality blood specimens while ensuring healthcare worker and patient safety.


Rapid and complete stabilization of nucleic acids. Each system features proprietary tube additives that target and protect DNA, ccfDNA or RNA and miRNA from alterations, so analyses reflect nucleic acid profiles at the time of collection.


Flexible and convenient storage options. Nucleic acids in collected specimens remain stable for days at room temperature (15–25°C) or refrigerated (2–8°C), which eliminates the need for a cold chain during shipment. Furthermore, specimens can be archived frozen (–20°C or –70°C) for years.


Efficient purification of high-quality nucleic acids. Based on proven QIAGEN chemistry, the purification kit of each system provides a dedicated isolation protocol that can be performed manually or automated for medium to high throughput processing.


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