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New ccfDNA data presented at the AMP meeting in Salt Lake City!

Date: November 16–18, 2017
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah/USA

Have a look at new studies presented at the AMP Annual Meeting – Where Molecular Leads Medicine to Best Practice Care.

In case you missed it at AMP – explore the posters here:

  • Analytical Validation of a Circulating Tumor Methylated-DNA Assay for Detection of Colorectal Cancer Recurrence. John Alsobrook1, Snigdha Gaur1, Emily Kinnaman1, Laura Schnetzler1, David Murray2, Sherin Alex2, Robert Boorstein1.
    1 Clinical Genomics Pathology Inc., Bridgewater, NJ, USA and 2 Clinical Genomics Technologies Pty Ltd, North Ryde, NSW,Australia.
  • Effect of blood collection tubes on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) yield and specificity. David Murray1, Nicky Boulter1, Susanne Pedersen1, Lawrence LaPointe1.
    1 Clinical Genomics Technologies Pty Ltd, North Ryde, NSW, Australia.
  • Performance Evaluation of Collection/Stabilization/Purification Systems for Liquid Biopsy Cancer Biomarker Applications. 1 Daniel Groelz, 1 Tomasz Krenz, 1 Ricardo Huebel, 2 Natasha Cant, 2 Maryam Zahedi-Nejad, 3 Hans Attig, 1 Nadine Dettmann and 1 Thorsten Voss.
    1 PreAnalytiX GmbH, Hilden, Germany; 2 QIAGEN Ltd., Manchester, United Kingdom; 3 QIAGEN GmbH, Hilden, Germany.
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