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New ccfDNA data presented at the AACR meeting in Chicago show how blood stabilization affords high-quality analytes for cancer research using liquid biospies.

Date: April 14–18, 2018
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Have a look at new studies presented at the AACR Annual Meeting – Driving Innovative Cancer...

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Have a look at this interesting paper about metabolomic and proteomic analyses of tissue specimens by MALDI MSI using the PAXgene Tissue System!

In this study, a comparison was done between PAXgene and standard formalin fixation for metabolomic analysis by MALDI mass spectrometry imaging.

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Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Consortium published their findings on how genetic variation effects gene regulation in human tissue types in Nature! More groundbreaking work done with PAXgene Tissue products!

Characterization of the molecular function of the human genome and its variation across individuals is essential for identifying the cellular...

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Have a look at this interesting paper about the feasibility of Prostate PAXgene Fixation for Molecular Research and Diagnostic Surgical Pathology!

In this study, fresh frozen, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE), and PAXgene-fixed paraffin-embedded (PFPE) tissue preparation methods were...

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Check out the latest announcement on partnership with Clinical Genomics

QIAGEN and Clinical Genomics partner on liquid biopsies to monitor patients for recurrence of colorectal cancer

Convenient blood test uses novel...

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Diagnostics using cell-free circulating DNA from the blood: On the way into routine diagnostics?

Check out the interesting article about cell-free circulating (ccfDNA) applications in diagnostics: Read the publication.

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Have a look at this interesting paper comparing Blood Collection Tubes stabilizing ctDNA in Plasma Samples!

Comparison of Blood Collection Tubes from Three Different Manufacturers for the Collection of Cell-Free DNA for Liquid Biopsy Mutation Testing....

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