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New ccfDNA data presented at the AMP meeting in Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake City, Utah/USA

November 16-18, 2017

Have a look at new studies presented at the AMP Annual Meeting - Where Molecular Leads Medicine to Best Practice Care.


In case you missed it at AMP - explore the posters here:

  1. Analytical Validation of a Circulating Tumor Methylated-DNA Assay for Detection of Colorectal Cancer Recurrence. John Alsobrook1, Snigdha Gaur1, Emily Kinnaman1, Laura Schnetzler1, David Murray2, Sherin Alex2, Robert Boorstein1. 1 Clinical Genomics Pathology Inc., Bridgewater, NJ, USA and 2 Clinical Genomics Technologies Pty Ltd, North Ryde, NSW, Australia.
  2. Effect of blood collection tubes on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) yield and specificity. David Murray1, Nicky Boulter1, Susanne Pedersen1, Lawrence LaPointe1. 1 Clinical Genomics Technologies Pty Ltd, North Ryde, NSW, Australia.
  3. Performance Evaluation of Collection/Stabilization/Purification Systems for Liquid Biopsy Cancer Biomarker Applications. 1 Daniel Groelz, 1 Tomasz Krenz, 1 Ricardo Huebel, 2 Natasha Cant, 2 Maryam Zahedi-Nejad, 3 Hans Attig, 1 Nadine Dettmann and 1 Thorsten Voss. 1 PreAnalytiX GmbH, Hilden, Germany; 2 QIAGEN Ltd., Manchester, United Kingdom; 3 QIAGEN GmbH, Hilden, Germany.


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