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Introducing the QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Kit (CE-IVD): Automated purification of ccfDNA from plasma of blood collected into PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Tubes (CE-IVD)

October 2021

As part of our commitment to deliver innovative solutions to ease the challenges of ccfDNA purification, we are very excited to announce the launch of the QIAsymphony® PAXgene® Blood ccfDNA Kit (CE-IVD) that is compliant with the new EU IVDR regulations. Together, the PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Tube (CE-IVD) and the QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Kit have been verified and validated as an integrated workflow solution for standardized and reproducible ccfDNA processing in diagnostic laboratories looking for automated solutions.

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