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Automate PAXgene Blood RNA Kit (IVD) with launch of QIAGEN QIAcube Connect MDx (IVD) Platform

As part of our commitment to continually improve the quality of samples for molecular diagnostic testing, we wish to share exciting news with all PreAnalytiX® customers using the PAXgene® Blood RNA Kit (IVD). QIAGEN recently launched the QIAcube® Connect MDx platform for automated sample processing in diagnostic labs.
As the next generation QIAcube for IVD nucleic acid extraction, QIAcube Connect MDx represents a flexible system with more than 150 standard protocols, including several IVD protocols. The automated system can be used in combination with PAXgene Blood RNA extraction kits (FDA - Cat No. 762164)(CE-IVD – Cat No. 762174), therefore suitable for use in IVD workflows. Sample preparation using QIAcube Connect MDx follows the same steps as the manual procedure (i.e., lyse, bind, wash and elute), enabling you to continue using the PAXgene Blood RNA Kit for purification of high-quality RNA.
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